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Une culture d'entreprise différente

La culture Benify est quelque chose d’unique. Un état d’esprit différent qui incite chacun à partager son plaisir de contribuer aux desseins d’une entreprise passionnée, en donnant le meilleur de lui-même, jour après jour. Un cadre de travail stimulant qui valorise l’individu, offre l’opportunité de travailler sur des projets à fort potentiel, favorise le développement de compétences hors de sa “zone de confort”…

Mais la culture Benify, c’est aussi un esprit après le travail, lors d’événenements, de voyages ou de formations… Nous aimons les personnes passionnées, les caractères singuliers façonnés par les expériences et les échanges. Peu importe que vous soyez sportif, amateur d’art, fan de voyage ou technophile, tant que vous êtes animé par l’ambition de vous dépasser et d’apprendre de nouvelles choses chaque jour.

Exceed expectations

Dépasser les attentes… c’est ce à quoi nos équipes s’emploient chaque jour. Et peu importe les obstacles, relever ce défi est inscrit dans l’ADN de Benify.

Think Ahead

Think ahead

Le nerf de la guerre ? Toujours avoir un temps d’avance. Notre métier ? Imaginer, conceptualiser et développer tous les jours de nouvelles solutions pour faciliter la tâche à nos clients. Votre rôle ? Anticiper les besoins de nos clients à long terme.

Votre carrière chez Benify

Notre offre: forte prise de responsabilité dès votre premier jour. La possibilité de prendre une part active à la croissance de notre entreprise.

Show love

Show Love

Entraide, sens du travail d’équipe et convivialité sont les piliers de notre culture d’entreprise. Nous créons un environnement au sein duquel nos collègues sont encouragés à développer leurs forces tous les jours.  Nous travaillons dur, dans une atmosphère conviviale.

Nous aimons notre métier, et vous aimerez travailler avec nous

Notre cœur de métier est d’aider nos client à devenir de meilleurs employeurs, et ce n’est pas un hasard si nous sommes nous-mêmes classés parmi les acteurs les plus attractifs de notre secteur.

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At Benify, we use cookies on our website so that you are able to enjoy the best possible online experience. We are telling you this because, as per the Electronic & Communications Act (2003), we have a responsibility to let each visitor to our website know exactly how our website uses cookies and what you can do to avoid them in future.

How we use our cookies

A cookie is a text file which is stored on your computer. At Benify, we use cookies so that we are able to enhance the way in which each visitor interacts with our website – meaning that we can continue to bring you as smooth a personal browsing experience as possible.

We also use cookies as part of our Google Analytics exercises, allowing us to compile visitor statistics as well as gain a better understanding as to how you and our other visitors interact with our website.

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Privacy Policy

Statement of purpose
Benify values and takes pride in processing personal data with a high level of security. In this policy Benify demonstrates how we process personal data.

Personal data definition
The legal definition of personal data is; information from which the individual concerned can be identified, either directly or through use of the data in conjunction with other information that is in, or is likely to come into, the possession of the data controller.
Sensitive personal data includes e.g. data subject´s racial or ethnic origin, trade union membership, physical or mental health condition or sexual life and religious beliefs.

How we process personal data
Benify Group’s products are, in short, a total compensation tool through which Benify manages employee remuneration (foremost benefits) and digital advice on pension.
When processing personal data Benify assists the client to fulfill their obligations, e.g. that they in some way ensure that all employees actually get their compensation and to fulfill other obligations in their employment agreements.
Benify Group is Data processer, since we process personal data about the end-user from Data controller (our clients). When processing personal data legislation imposes certain requirements of how this is to be done, in orders to secure individuals right to privacy and safe routines in the processing. The product that Benify provides incurs a lot of contact with personal data. Benify only processes personal data within the EEA.
To be able to process personal data on the behalf of a Data controller Benify signs a Personal Data Agreement (PDA) and state that Benify shall comply with instructions from the Data controller and with the personal data regulation in each country. Benify’s subcontractor (Lifeplan) also have to sign a PDA with Benify ensuring that they agree to follow the Data controller´s instructions and security requirements set by applicable personal data legislation in force at each time
When personal data that Benify Group process and stores no longer for fills a purpose. Benify Group erase the personal data without any delay according to an internal erasing policy.

Data security
Benify Group ensures that appropriate security measures are taken to protect personal data at all times. Security mechanisms including e.g. encryption of data, firewalls, secure logging and access controls are in place to protect personal data.

The end-user’s rights
The end-user has the right to once a year, free of charge through the data controller, request written information about the personal data Benify Group holds or processes for him or her.

Benify uses so called cookies. A cookie is a text file stored on your computer. The purpose of our use of cookies is to facilitate for the end-user, not to record information about the end-user as a person or in any other manner that could threaten his or her identity. Cookies that are saved will not be disclosed to third parties, and will not be used to target ads or otherwise used for marketing.

How cookies can be avoided
Users can always delete cookies from the hard drive in the computer used to login to Benify´s portal. Most modern browsers also support so-called ” Private mode “, which means that the end-user’s cookies are deleted every time they close their browser.

Registering IP-addresses
When visiting Benify´s portal Benify will automatically register end-users IP-addresses. The information will be used to calculate the number of visitors and the frequency.

The applicable personal data legislation requires that a Data subject (the end-user) must consent in order for anyone to process their personal data. However, there are some exemptions. Due to these exemptions, no consent is needed. The end-user will get informed about their personal data being processed by Benify when registered.

This policy will be continually monitored and will be subject to an annual review.

Our website uses cookies so that you are able to enjoy the best possible browsing experience. By continuing to use our website under your current settings, you agree to accept our cookies. Read more