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Benify : Logiciel de gestion des avantages sociaux

Benify est un logiciel de gestion des avantages sociaux. Avec son prix de 6 et une notation moyenne de Benefits Administration Software/5, Benify offre un excellent rapport qualité prix.

Benify : Ouvrir le marché français

Découvrez l’interview d’Alban Castaing avec UpToo, le cabinet leader des métiers de la vente.

Benify awarded one of Sweden’s Best Workplaces

The announcement was made on March 27 during the Great Place to Work® Awards Ceremony and Gala held at Cirkus in Stockholm, Sweden. Benify was included in the institute’s esteemed list for 2019, ranking in the top 10, under the category, ‘Large Organisations’.

Rémunération globale : halte à la surenchère

Avec une rémunération globale sous-estimée par 8 salariés sur 10, la dématérialisation et l’automatisation de la rémunération et des avantages sociaux se révèlent incontournables. Alban Castaing, Country Manager de Benify France nous dévoile, dans cet article, les bénéfices d’une rémunération globale digitalisée.

Benify announces partnership with NGA HR

Benify announces its worldwide partnership with NGA HR to provide clients with a full suite of services and experiences around payroll and benefits. NGA HR offers an end-to-end solution for multinational organisations across the world.

Benify named as one of the Top 10 HR Tech Solution Providers in Europe

After a comprehensive and competitive evaluation of over 500+ HR Tech Solution providers in Europe, the evaluation team at HR Tech Outlook shortlisted a handful of companies who provide innovative solutions and have demonstrated great promise in their competitive market environment.

How to motivate first job employees

With Generation Z entering the workplace, the perception of what makes an employer attractive has radically changed. Generation Z are not just seeking a first job; they’re seeking something which is also fun and self-fulfilling. Moreover, Generation Z is the first generation born into the digital era, which means that you, as an employer, need to make sure that information and communication are accessible 24/7.

Why financial wellness is the topic you cannot afford to ignore – REBA

In October, we had an article published on the REBA (Reward & Employee Benefits Association) website called “Why financial wellness is the topic you cannot afford to ignore”. The feature explains how financial wellness can be an impactful way to communicate and support employees with everything from specific benefits to extra services and even counselling.

Benify & Coca-Cola European Partners win Digital Innovation Award

Benify France and Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) had the honour of receiving the 2018 Digital Innovation Award at the 11th annual “Trophées Comp&Ben” in Paris, France.

5 tips to engage your employees

What's the best way for modern employers to motivate and engage their workforce? In HR Grapevine's December issue, Benify's Director of HR, shares 5 things you should keep in mind if you want to engage, motivate and retain the right way.

Are your employees as engaged as they could be?- REBA

In May, we were featured in a REBA article entitled “Are your employees as engaged as they could be?”, which discusses how satisfaction, belonging and commitment is believed to be some of the main factors contributing to employee engagement.

The top 10 employee benefits

What makes your employees happy at work? In our Employee Happiness Index (2018) research, we found that good managers (88 per cent), workplace culture and colleagues (85 per cent) and a strong work/life balance (84 per cent) are the top three factors in choosing a workplace today. So too are employee benefits.

How To Capitalise on Challenges - Raconteur Future of HR

In the November 6 issue of Raconteur called “Future of HR”, Chris Wakley discusses HR as a strategic importance for business growth, the HR challenges of tomorrow and the power of app-based technology in a feature-length article called “How To Capitalise on Challenges”.

Gras Savoye Willis Towers Watson se connecte à la plate-forme Benify

Gras Savoye Willis Towers Watson noue un partenariat avec la plate-forme Benify. Le courtier en assurances propose aux entreprises de connecter, de manière sécurisée, leurs portails salariés à son extranet santé. La plate-forme Benify, fournisseur suédois de solution RH Cloud, met à la disposition des collaborateurs, un portail personnalisé qui offre un certain nombre d’informations filtrées, permettant d’optimiser la gestion de leurs avantages sociaux (mutuelle, prévoyance, retraite, etc).

Gras Savoye Willis Towers Watson noue un partenariat avec la plateforme Benify

Le courtier en assurances, Gras Savoye Willis Towers Watson noue un partenariat avec la plateforme Benify afin d'accompagner les entreprises à améliorer la qualité de vie des collaborateurs. Dans le cadre de sa stratégie digitale, Gras Savoye Willis Towers propose aux entreprises de connecter, de manière sécurisée, leurs portails salariés à son extranet santé.

Les enjeux de digitalisation des services RH

Gras Savoye Willis Towers propose aux entreprises de connecter, de manière sécurisée, leurs portails salariés à son extranet santé.

5 Keys to Unlocking Your Employees Potential – HR Vision

In the Content Hub section of The HR Vision conference website, you can find a dedicated subpage titled “5 Keys to Unlocking Your Employees Potential” where visitors can enter their email address and download the Benify handbook of the same name.

Show Love, Think Ahead, Exceed Expectations – EME Outlook

The EME Outlook Magazine website features a very sleek-looking 6-page e-booklet devoted solely to Benify, which can be found under the `Company Profiles´ menu of the website. Directly below the e-book browser, you can also read an inspiring, in-depth interview with Markus Kullendorff where he discusses the company´s beginnings and our product offerings.

Benify and L'Oréal Germany win together at the HR Excellence Awards in Berlin

Benify and L'Oréal Germany has been awarded with one of the main prizes at the prestigious HR Excellence Awards held in Berlin. Both companies’ efforts in successfully implementing the My HR Reward Portal resulted in winning the prize in the "Compensation & Benefits" category.

Le SIRH ne sert plus seulement les RH mais les collaborateurs

Au milieu des «gros» s’est installé Benify: ici on parle de paie, d’avantages sociaux, le tout encore une fois avec une perspective orientée employé, individualisée. L’optimisation du «Comp & Ben» avec une approche centrée sur l’employé.